suggested reads for October 31, 2021

suggested reads for April 8, 2020

Just a couple of articles this week… I did not had the time to properly read articles and decide which were worth of mention here. I have a great issue of a newsletter from a friend with 10 long and complex articles giving us perspective on what follows this quarantine phase … but work and my attention-demanding 2.5 y.o. kids did not leave me any free time to delve into them.

Please stay safe… a big hug to you all!

suggested reads for March 26, 2020

I’m at day 21 of quarantine in my house with my wife and 2.5 years old son. After a while this begin to appear like “normal” and new routines arises.

Today I’ve decided to share something entirely different from the global coronavirus SARS-CoV2 pandemy, and distract our minds from it. We should have also a perspective on decisions to build a better future after this…

On a more personal note: we’re well in health, so as our beloved ones. I whish you the same. Please be careful and be safe, follow social distancing, clean your hands, be kind each other!

Italy at the time of quarantine

Just a quick note to my friends out there saying that me and my family are fine. It’s really, really, really strange to live in an over imposed home quarantine [*] but life goes on.

[*] We’re not like in China, we can go outside our homes for food or for a short walk with our dog or go to work with our cars, but everything else is just not allowed, with some activities can also be fined. But in a time like this, you should be an idiot indulging in them.

Anyway… if you want to ask me something about this period, just ask!