Why Founders Should Start With a Website, Not a Mobile App

According to research from the Chrome team at Google and others, people spend more time on mobile apps than they do on mobile websites. Apps account for up to 90% of time spent on a phone and 77% of the time on tablets. But app usage is heavily concentrated in a few favorite apps (eMarketer). More than 50% of consumer app time is taken by a Facebook or Alphabet app (Apptopia), and 90% is spent in a person’s five top apps.
Alternatively, time spent on the web is more evenly distributed across providers and publishers. In the browser, people visit new websites they find on Google, explore links from existing apps, and browse content without the barrier of app installation. As a result, it’s easier for an unknown startup to reach users for the first time with a web presence vs a native presence.

Julia Enthoven

Emphasis is mine…

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WTF ? Tell me it’s *not* SEO at work


I was reading the “23 excellent examples of how-to design online stores” and was captured by the cleanliness of design and the “icons in the footer” mentions for Blooming Gorgeous Flowers

And so I went to their website and opened the webpage with Firefox’s HTML editor …. Imagine my surprise when I saw the hidden content in the footer.

PLEASE tell me that’s NOT the way of promoting your average website on search engines …