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suggested reads for April 2, 2018


OK, I know … today’s Easter Monday and the sun shines and the weather is fantastic (at least here). Perfect day for going out and have a wonderful offline time. But if you’re not in such position – or mood – and want to relax at home reading something, here are my ‘classic’ five link list of posts worth a mention…

ARA, the modular phone is coming

After months of insight, whispers, previews and rumors finally the Project ARA – sponsored by Hydra … ehm, Google – his accelerating his coming to shelves and enrolling developers and makers around the world. Ideally is a fascinating project. With lots of promises of freedom… but I am now old enough to doubt the true intentions of Big G.

Firefox dumping Google as default search engine, what’s to expect?

As Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo, is the clock ticking for Mozilla? →

A nice, facts/money-checking, post via on the incoming move by Mozilla Foundation to replace Google as the default search engine in favor of locally choosen alternatives (Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex & co.)

BlackBerry Passport, finally something new

I won’t even consider buying it, but the latest Passport smartphone from BlackBerry is finally something new since the iPhone coming (and after the Lumia 1020). Welcome back diversity!

Also be sure to check-out the fantastic BlackBerry Passport Review by the fine pals at CrackBerry !