suggested reads for November 7, 2021

suggested reads for February 21, 2021

suggested reads for December 27, 2020

You should forgive me, but this time I have two posts in Italian that are well worth a read. One is a short one, about pushing ourselfs ‘further’. The second one is about a story with my friend Pietro shooting a photo, and how it went viral communicating something entirely different than the picture that he has taken.

suggested reads for November 1st, 2020

That’s it for this week, just 3 items… but dense.

suggested reads for April 22, 2020

Day 48 of our quarantine, seems like in less than 15 days we will start a ‘phase 2’ after this world embracing pandemia has reached us. Let’s hope for the better … even if the intolerance to the rules of a part of the population and the lack of enough individual protection devices for everybody – in Italy and in the rest of the world – scares me a lot.

Stay safe, and good luck!