dear LinkedIn, your website sucks

LinkedIn’s co-founder reluctantly admits that his site design needs work

That’s the title of Abhimanyu Ghoshal for a post on The Next Web.

Let’s hope that making Reid Hoffman (the platform co-founder mentioned in the title) do a public statement on this topic will take us to a better website.

Lately it has become sluggish and counterintuitive in the daily operations, making it a place where you’re taken by dozen daily emails to moderate or approve or accept/deny something on your profile and quickly go away running when you’ve finished…

picplz shutting down

And so another one bites the dust … this time it’s PicPlz turn, and to me this comes unexepected as I thought that people leaving Instagram after the Facebook’s acquisition, whould have found this as a nice place to stay…

I’m on Pinterest too

Source: via Ayu on Pinterest

… and what better image to announce my subscription to the service?

Pseudonyms Drive communities

… an interesting research from our friends at Disqus

What do I do if my Path app is crashing?



Photo “STRAIGHT” by Wolf Ademeit

This is one of an ocean of good photos from this photographers’ community that caught my eyes this morning … amazing, each of them!

Also be sure to check out their (free) iPad app

4SQMAP, Foursquare Maps and Statistics

kOoLiNuS' 4sqmap on oct.13,  2011

4sqmap is a is a web-application to visualize all of your Foursquare data. It is simple and easy to use. It takes all the information that’s stored on foursquare’s servers and is available through the API and makes it interesting to browse.

Foursquare, 1000 pf these check-ins!

Today here’s just a little post celebrating my 1000th check-in on Foursquare, after 277 days out and 36 things done.

Those are my 16 badges ‘won’ in the check-in game. Little thing, I know, but sometimes fooling around for those little geeky things make me happier!


foursquare (2011-10-12)

{to say the truth the check-ins have already become 1006, but it’s in-influent for the post’s sake}

Cosmic 140 & The Books on Vimeo

The History of Advertising on Twitter