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… and if you want to try, these are two posts in Italian on topics that matters to me that you can try to enjoy with a translating app/service:

  1. Un altro genere di mobilità — Reflections on how men and women move differently are leading several European cities to rethink aspects of their urban planning;
  2. L’identità di genere spiegata a chi pensa di non averne una – Gender identity explained to those who think they don’t have one;

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. Here’s what to do next.

“You would have to be either a sociopath or totally enlightened not to be feeling anxiety at a moment like this. So I would say that the first thing that I would want to encourage everybody to do is to give themselves a measure of mercy and compassion for the difficult emotions that you’re feeling right now

The paradox is that we’re also the most capable, resourceful and resilient species that has ever lived on earth. So history has shown that when change comes to humanity — either on the global level, like it’s happening now, or on the personal level — we’re really good at it. We’re really good at adaptation. And I think that if we can remember that, it can help to actually mitigate the fear.”

Elizabeth Gilbert