Shuttle, simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

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a simple SSH shortcut menu for OS X

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how-to launch applications that need root/admin privileges on Ubuntu when on a remote session


Did you ever find yourself at work with a remote session on your Ubuntu server (or workstation) invoked by ssh -X command and needed to launch users-admin or some similar graphical application that need a sudo (or root) authentication to work? Did you ever got frustrated of not having the possibility to enter or see accepted your password ?

Well, here’s how to resolve this! All you need to do is invoking this command:

sudo ck-launch-session $COMMAND &

For example, when I needed users-admin (to graphically add a new user, modify or delete an old one) giving the aforementioned command, after having inserted my sudo password, I got this window:

ck-lauch-session example

P.S. = if you can help me with a shorter or clearer post title I’ll be grateful (remember english isn’t my native language !!!)

P.S. #2 = sometimes you just DON’T have to put the ‘&‘ at the end of the line so you can insert the administrative password needed for the command (i.e. Synaptic) execution…