suggested reads for April 4, 2021

It’s the second time we have to “celebrate” the Easter – physically – away from our families and friends. Anyway I do hope you all are ok, that you and your beloved ones are OK and are suffering in the least possible way this pandemic.

Apple Kills Off RAID Support in OS X El Capitan, Leaving Users Dangling in the Wind

No warning, no support, just fait accompli. Disk Utility RAID volumes work for the time being, but there is no support in Disk Utility for Apple RAID any more.

MPG editorial view: this is not just a technical issue. The way this has been handled is a failure of integrity and judgment (“ethical lapse” might not be too strong a term), notwithstanding the hot air emitted by CEO Tim Cook on respecting users. How can an abrupt ripping out of core functionality in any way be respectful of users?

Such actions generate a deep mistrust of Apple competence and judgment by professional users. Commented upon for years here at MPG with growing unease, this latest fiasco is a logical escalation in line with Apple Core Rot. The steady decline in software quality control in both iOS and OS X is its evil twin. There are no adults in charge of OS X development any more, with iPhone bugs and breaking of critical iOS features on the menu for iOS users. MPG does not consider these things (and many more) as random events, but rather signs of dangerous cracks to Apple’s future.

Mac Performance Guide on the “RAID management”-gate by Apple.

Beware OS X 10.11 El Capitan if you use the native software RAID


Thanks to a warning by my friend Paolo, I became aware of a new downside of upgrading to OS X 10.11. I thought that Disk Utility just had a bad nightmare in its design generation, but it seems that it’s lacking of really important features (*), a proper RAID management.

I am following some articles on MacPerformance Guide website and searching for some other news on the topic. What’s scaring for me it’s that I was so trustful to Apple to upgrade a last generation MacPro just yesterday perfectly unaware of this issue. The striping RAID has lost no data and it’s present … but now I fear its fate and trying to provide a risk-free solution to the colleague who owns that Mac.

Please be aware when upgrading a RAID-equipped system !!!

(*) Philosophically I can understand Apple. They have not a single RAID-capable machine since 2013 … but the amount of machines out there – and their importance !!! – was not a thing to manage the way they did.

mhddfs – group many drives in one folder

mhddfs in action

The mhddfs program is a userspace application that creates a virtual mountpoint. Using standard drives (USB, network, RAID, whatever), it concatenates the storage into a single volume. When you write files to the virtual volume, it just saves them to the underlying drives until one of them fills up, then it moves to the next.