Tablets are dead?


A friend of mine pointed me at this TechCrunch article: Tablets Are Dead

In this article Romain Dillet exposes some of the most common reasons why consumers aren’t getting mad over the tablet’s market as they do with the run for the latest and greatest cellphone smartphone model.

To me the most visible reason of such indifference is this one (listed as second of a tree point list):

… chances are you already have a tablet at home and it’s working fine. There’s no reason why you should upgrade it — it probably runs Netflix, Facebook and the Kindle app. It has a browser and your emails. Long replacement cycles mean you don’t need to pay attention to the new and shiny tablets.

But there is a more profound reason. Everyone has treated a tablet like a bigger smartphone … You use a tablet the same way, and with the same uncomfortable workflow, you do with a smartphone. A device which is uses mostly with one hand and with no input device.

And the key of a paradigm shift is held on Romain ending sentences on the article, and on the Apple move on the market with the iPad Pro (and Pencil) introduction:

Apple is trying … to differentiate the iPad from the iPhone, creating the next generation of laptops.

Tablets can still make a comeback. They need to become good laptop replacements, or a digital canvas for artists, or something else. But something needs to change and soon.

While Apple is evolving (and forking?) iOS to embrace a new workflow (Slide Over, Split View), Microsoft is taking a top down approach with the Surface being the best interpreter of the ‘one OS to rule them all’ approach.

I am really curious to see what the rumored 10″ iPad Pro coming next month will bring in the iOS evolution and if it’ll be an inspiration – again – to the market.


Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface

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Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface →

An extended review of Microsoft’s Surface by Lukas Mathis, honestly compared to iPad for the real world ‘productivity‘…

iPad’s monopoly over the web traffic from tablets


That image is a result obtained by some traffic analysis study made by the fine folks at OnSwipe. OnSwipe is a technology aimed to optimize the web browsing experience of any website on modern personal devices like tablets. It’s so cool that it was also been adopted as a plugin option here on (even if now that is fading away).

Now back in topic. Even if the iPad(s) are between the 62 and 68% of the tablet market out there is simply impressive that the 98% of the web tablet’s traffic it’s made from that device. What are the other 32/38% of tablets doing ???

in-depth review: the New iPad and iOS 5.1


AppleInsider has published a nice, extended in-depth review of the “new” 2012 iPad from Apple.

iPad vs iPad w. Retina Display

Here’s the sum of their review:


  • Beautiful Retina Display screen looks amazing
  • Faster quad core graphics; 1080p movies, video and AirPlay Mirroring support
  • Strong, clean, attractive design; works with existing Smart Cover and accessories
  • Fast 802.11n wireless networking, 4G LTE data options, exceptional battery life
  • New iCloud, iOS 5.1 features make new iPad easy to use without a PC
  • Improved hardware and 4G options same price as iPad 2 was, added Personal Hotspot
  • FaceTime video conferencing & much improved iSight camera for video, photos
  • Low cost new iPhoto, iMovie and iWork apps make iPad a strong productivity tool
  • Most popular tablet platform with the largest third party selection of apps by far


  • iOS’ simplified interface means a variety of desktop features are not available
  • No LED flash or HDR camera options, missing quick lock screen camera access

Just two cons in a really in-depth review – to me – seems an amazing result.
Probably I’ll get one as a present for my wife next month… we will see.

Here’s the money quote from today’s iPad 2 announcement.

This is worth repeating. It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology is not enough. It’s tech married with the liberal arts and the humanities. Nowhere is that more true than in the post-PC products. Our competitors are looking at this like it’s the next PC market. That is not the right approach to this. These are post-PC devices that need to be easier to use than a PC. More intuitive.
Steve Jobs

You won’t find a better explanation of Apple’s advantage in this market.

via … and I cannot agree more!

Steve Jobs on the iPad 2


By now you should all have heard of the iPad, and if not then you must have been living under a rock for the last few months! Touch screen devices are here to stay and you need to start thinking about how to design and develop to get the most out of them. Apple would like you to believe that the iPad is the only touch screen device that anyone should own (and to be honest it probably is the best), but there are already some strong competitors, and many more coming to the market this year. So, you need to get your thinking caps on and start designing your websites to work with them, as well as updating your other sites, too. There are a lot of things to consider… here are just a few.



Designing for Touch Screen

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