Indipendent Publisher

At last The Indipendent Publisher theme has arrived on Developed by Raam Dev this template is one of the cleanest and best content focued theme born in these last two years.

I’ve even adopted it on my self-hosted blog, customizing it a little, translating it and planning to suggest a couple of enhancement to its author. Read Raam’s annouce: Independent Publisher Announced on

I enjoy it so much that I couldn’t resist but adopt it immediately … now there are going to be some polish here and there, but I think I’ll stick with it for long time. has published a bunch of new and interesting themes to their free offer. I choose Wilson to shake things up here… and see if putting in evidence (again) the tags, your’s most recent comments and the interesting things I bookmark on Pinboard in the site’s sidebar I can spark something new. Take this as a little experiment, and as an opportunity to tell me what’s your take on sidebar and content’s visibility and reachability over a blog like mine, with nearly 10 years of content!

Hello there … I’m playing aroud with the freely available themes on that matches two important (for me) features … Responsive Layout and Post Formats

Unfortunately at the moment none of the ones available fully satisfy me, so probably you could see some morphing in the weekend (in which I do also hope to put the corrects tags & categories to the posts that I’ve imported from Posterous)!

welcome Nilmini

Last week I started playing around with this website redesign. So you may have noticed some changes around. The background of this is still WordPress powered.

For the template part I choose to use this Nilmini theme from deutch foundry called Elmastudio. This is an inexpensive premium theme that offer a lot of cool functionalities, many of which I think are mandatory in today’s web:

  • Cross-browser compatibility (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 7,8,9, Android, iOS)
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • modern, minimalist design [OK, that’s a personal preference]
  • Responsive Web Design for viewing on different screen sizes and mobile devices (Tablet PCs, Smart Phones)
  • WordPress Post Formats (tumblr-like blogging)
  • translation-ready, available in English, Dutch/German, French (translation by Benoit Deldicque) and Italian (translation by yours truly :-D )
  • RTL language support

The ones put in evidence are the most notable ones, giving any reader the opportunity to enjoy at it’s best what a website has to offer. Unfortunately many web-resources today are still not ready for this and, at the better, rely on plugins to offer a decent “non desktop” web surfing experience.

Here’s some screenshots of the site overall look (made last sunday, so maybe today something could be slightly different). Let me know in the comments what you think!

ElmaStudio, a WordPress themes foundry to keep an eye on

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve discovered ElmaStudio‘s work.

First I fell in love with the (free) Ari theme. Then, while helping my friend Stef(igno) to update his (italian’s) blog we decided to invest  12€ in the Nilmini theme. Last week I provided (for free) to Ellen and Manuel an italian translation of that theme.

Then I’ve brought their Piha theme too just in time to see the previews, and later on the final release, of Nori. Nori aims to be (and probably is) the first WordPress theme out there developed mainly and in first place for mobile devices’ browsers, and later ‘adapted’ to normal ones.

Since they put their money were their mouth is they’ve adopted it on their website and so I had the chance to see a real deployment of that theme and not just a 5 post wide demo. Here are the screenshots!

(the last one is what you see enabling the Reader feature in Mobile Safari). What do you think of the theme?

Let me know in the comments…

an historical overview of /home/koolinus

After yesterday’s graphical renewal of this weblog, thanks to my mania of collecting screenshots of things done in the past, I’ve gathered this $NUMBER of screenshots of this blog through the last three years.

Unfortunately I don’t have any (complete) screenshot of the twenty-eight based one (which has been THE look for at least two full years of this space).

What do you think ???