What makes a tree a tree?

A fascinating journey into the world of plant genetics!

… maybe it’s time to start thinking of tree as a verb, rather than a noun — tree-ing, or tree-ifying. It’s a strategy, a way of being, like swimming or flying, even though to our eyes it’s happening in very slow motion. Tree-ing with no finish in sight — until an ax, or a pest, or a bolt of Thanksgiving lightning strikes it down.

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merry christmas (2008 edition)

And for the 4th year in row here we are, witnessing the magic atmosphere of Christmas (for those of us which are catholics) and a general wellness happiness around.

So here’s the ritual ASCII art tree to wish to you and all your beloved one the best in life !!!

merry christmas, ascii


(on a funny note, last year’s post is receveing a huge boost of visits in the last 3 days)