seven years (and counting) on Twitter

Just a couple of days ago Twitter sent me an email notifying me my 7th birthday (or anniversary of my subscription) on their platform, sharing this slice of cake to party… Over the years my relationship with this social networksocial media platform has changed a lot. Love, hate, indifference, love again… I’ve been through all of them! Nowadays I’m using it basically as a broadcast point for sharing my contents or stuff I care about, while every 1:1 tweeting is done with friends. Then last year I’ve opened a (free, basic) account over which gives me a more intimate, personal, conversation with my contacts and fellow subscribers…

Tweetbot for Mac, is the price right?

Yesterday Tapbots studio has finally saw the approval in the Mac AppStore of their Tweetbot for Mac, after the huge success of they iPhone and iPad client for Twitter. One question is anyway going around my mind.

Am I the only one thinking that 20$ for a desktop, personal, client of Twitter is a bit too much overpriced?

Probably their motivation is this (quoted from their blog):

Because of Twitter’s recent enforcement of token limits, we only have a limited number of tokens available for Tweetbot for Mac. These tokens dictate how many users Tweetbot for Mac can have. The app’s limit is separate from, but much smaller than, the limit for Tweetbot for iOS. Once we use up the tokens granted to us by Twitter, we will no longer be able to sell the app to new users. Tapbots will continue to support Tweetbot for Mac for existing customers at that time.

But, still, I don’t think charging the user for a mistaken vendor policy is the answer to success.

Itsy, best Twitter client for Twitter on Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard”

… on a PowerPC Mac!

My good friend Riccardo ‘couple of months ago suggested me to use the now dismissed app Itsy as a good Twitter client to use with my non so new anymorePowerBook G4.

ITSY on Mac OS X Leopard

Last week-end I had time to boot that Leopard machine and, alongside with an update or two, use this nice & clean application. Which is still elegant nowadays. An minimal and easy to the eye too.

As I was saying the developer has closed the project and abandoned it, but on many different Mac software file deposits you can still find. The newest release I found was the 2.1.2 on Softpedia, while the app should have been updated until the 2.1.9. But it works well and given the small usage I do of the PowerBook in these times is enough!

If Twitter kills its Mac client

Dave Caolo writes a note on a rumor of Twitter closing the development of it’s Mac client.

I am intrigued by him, running (at least) 3 instances of the each with it’s own dock icon (as in the screenshot provided in his post) and also extremely skeptic on this move by them.

Twitter became widely accepted and used for it’s (API) opening, the progressive closing of those doors will upset many user and, expecially in this market, alternatives born (and dies, too) fast (remember Jaiku, Pownce & co???).

Posterous is joining the flock at Twitter

Big news: Posterous has been acquired by Twitter!

The opportunities in front of Twitter are exciting, and we couldn’t be happier about bringing our team’s expertise to a product that reaches hundreds of millions of users around the globe. Plus, the people at Twitter are genuinely nice folks who share our vision for making sharing simpler.

Posterous Spaces will remain up and running without disruption. We’ll give users ample notice if we make any changes to the service

3 months later the official Posterous blog stays silent. NOTHING has come from them.

NO new theme.
NO new functionality.
NO sign of life.

I’ve started losing my faith in a real future for this platform.