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The Web We Lost

We’ve lost key features that we used to rely on, and worse, we’ve abandoned core values that used to be fundamental to the web world. To the credit of today’s social networks, they’ve brought in hundreds of millions of new participants to these networks, and they’ve certainly made a small number of people rich.
But they haven’t shown the web itself the respect and care it deserves, as a medium which has enabled them to succeed. And they’ve now narrowed the possibilites of the web for an entire generation of users who don’t realize how much more innovative and meaningful their experience could be.

Anil Dash, 2012

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Today’s selection of articles is a bit too focused, narrowed on typography and web design. Also the WordPress’ future post by Chris Wallace was an interesting and inspiring read…

Turbocharging the Web with PHP 7


The Zend Performance Team provides insight into the upcoming impact of PHP 7 with this simple, but effective, infographic. I am lucky enough to have SiteGround as my ISP for my personal projects and since a couple of days ago I’m testing it … and in a couple of situations the websites increased speed is clearly visible…