Greater Conversation

Let’s talk about the things that last. Let’s talk about making lives better around us. Let’s talk about making choices that aren’t about blessing ourselves, but rather about helping others. Let’s talk about the things that would still matter to our great-grandparents, and the things that people will still be talking about when we have grandchildren of our own.

Aaron MahnkeThoughts on My Social Hiatus

Thanks to Khurt for pointing that to me…

changing mind on Klout

In the end, my goal is to build a product that goes beyond the gimmicks and drives real value for everyone. I believe that every person who creates content online has influence to some group of people and on some topic. Everyone also wants to feel listened to and interesting and I think we can do this in a way that empowers people to become better, more effective, online citizens.

Michael Arrington & Joe Fernandez – via Why I changed my mind on Klout and invested

Jobs at ipernity

The ipernity Team is small but talented and tricky. We work on cutting-edge technologies and innovative business. The Team is led by the ipernity’s founders, pioneers of the French internet who created, and Respublica.

Joining our small team will make you a *key* member. Your work will contribute directly to ipernity success and will impact millions of users.

ipernity offers competitive salaries to talented and motivated people. Benefits include health insurance, food and company shares. Our office is ideally located in Sophia-Antipolis, the “French silicon valley” – 320 sunny days a year, water and ski activities within reach.

Open Positions

Check the via page for other opportunities in the future.