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The cereal entrepreneur

Find customers who will happily pay you in advance because your service or product is so useful that they can’t live without it. And if your service or product isn’t that useful, make it better.

Seth Godin

That’s more easy to say than realized. But should be anyone’s approach when at work, try to make the best for our client, aka the person who needs our job to be done.

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A ‘new’ job

Thursday, February 1st was the first day of my ‘new’ job. After 130 months of precarious work I am now employed with a permanent and full time position as a Technician for the Bari’s research unit of the Institute for Biomedical Technologies.

Our groups is a Bioinformatics one, and my main duties will remain basically the same: keep servers running, install software, general maintenance and users’ support. What I do hope is to gain new responsibilities and – with them – some decisional power.

Wish me luck!

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Just four articles this Sunday. The third one is on how automation and robotics will change (forever) the way people will find their place in society. A difficult topic that needs to be addressed just here and now …and probably not for our children’s future, but for me and you and the next years of our careers!