suggested reads for September 26, 2021

… and if you want to try, these are two posts in Italian on topics that matters to me that you can try to enjoy with a translating app/service:

  1. Un altro genere di mobilità — Reflections on how men and women move differently are leading several European cities to rethink aspects of their urban planning;
  2. L’identità di genere spiegata a chi pensa di non averne una – Gender identity explained to those who think they don’t have one;

no wrong notes

Take your personal website, for example. Your writing might not appeal to others. People might find it irrelevant or even dislike your style or your message, especially if you are writing about something new and unconventional.

But if it’s important to you and if it contains a bit of yourself – and it certainly will –, whatever you write and publish on your site isn’t wrong.

You are free to try out different formats, techniques, and styles. Write about what you think and care about. Find your unique way to express yourself.

A personal website ain’t got no wrong words.

Matthias Ott

Thanks to Andrea for sharing this!

suggested reads for October 18, 2020